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Swiss Digital Solutions

virtual reality (vr)

Your customers can now visit your premises and / or your products 365 days a year and around the clock. Take advantage of the many benefits of a virtual reality tour or through individual 360° images or videos on your website or as a standalone solution.

The future of modern appearance

We create interactive, virtual 360º tours of your premises, outdoors or wherever you wish, using the latest techniques:

  • 360º images (Panorama)
  • 360º videos
  • embedded audio
  • regular videos and images (photos), etc.

Tell real stories with multifunctional hotspots and active objects. Whether as a standalone solution or embedded in your existing website - offer your customers the experience of a virtual reality tour in which they can visit and experience your premises, your presentation and / or your products up close and whenever they want on all their devices.

Recording techniques

  • 360° camera
  • in/below water (unterwater scooter)
  • ashore (tripod, steady-cam, etc.)
  • aerial (drone)

Special 3D transition effects and unique features, such as animated panoramas, live panoramas (day-night effect), adaptive HDR and 360º video with hotspots will make your website look highly attractive and exciting for every visitor.

Your products can be displayed in the tours in a regular way or in 3D (rotatable around the axis) and, for example, transferred directly to your online store (except in the VR mask).

What we offer

360°Camera lens

VR Tours & Website

Use the power of a virtual reality tour to your advantage!

  • Embed your tour directly into your website. Your customers can experience you and your products up close in a realistic view at any time.
  • Your sales staff can optimally present your products on the go, e.g. on a tablet online or offline.
  • Create unique and unforgettable presentations or accompany your customers personally into the world of your products or on a tour of your location using the live function.
  • Even without a virtual reality tour, you can include your products in a 360° view (images or videos) on your website and clarify many of your customers' questions before they contact you.
  • Present your locations or products in your own virtual reality website and stand out from your competition with new technological possibilities.
  • Use the free app* in the App Store for Apple devices as well as in Google Play for Android devices to show your virtual reality tour to your customers optimized on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Do you sell products in an online store? Integrate the store and the products with shopping cart directly in your virtual reality tour, or present your products to your customers in a 360° view directly in your store.
  • Use a VR mask at trade shows or sales events to demonstrate as real a situation as possible to your customers. There are no expensive costs for transporting and presenting large or delicate products to your booth.
  • Draw attention to yourself by integrating 360° images, video or tours in your social media channels (e.g. on Facebook).
  • Train your employees at any location using an exciting virtual reality e-learning tour. Detailed product and situation demonstrations as well as tests with result integration into your LMS are just some of the numerous advantages.


*only available in combination with a hosting subscription

Example of a standalone virtual reality tour website

Create competitive advantages

Click here to see this VR Tour as website

360° aerial video (incl. zoom)
360° product (incl. zoom)
360° image (incl. zoom)

Functional integration 360° into your website

Numerous functionalities in 360° as well as in 2D can be integrated into your website as well as your VR tour. Videos, audio, products, still images and much more. The possibilities are almost endless.

Using an iOS device? Please click here to experience this video in 360°.

360° in all spheres

You have special conditions? No problem. Whether in/under water, on land or in the air - we offer you images and videos in 360° and 2D in all spheres.

Example (under)water shot (incl. zoom)
Example land shot (incl. zoom)
Example aerial view (2D)